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Designer creates sustainable fibre and natural fabric

Designer creates sustainable fibre and natural fabric

As the demand for sustainable products is growing in the country, designers are exploring ways to create new and innovative products.

They are not just focusing on creating comfortable products but also trying to find out a solution for an existing problem.

For instance, fabric material in the textile industry. Polyester was used once as a fabric material. Slowly cotton fabric replaced it, later many consumers switched to organic cotton. Now, fashion designers are exploring ways to create alternative fabric to cotton. This is because cotton is one of the most water-intensive crops. It needs many litres of water.

That’s why some Indian designers are researching to create an alternative fabric material using plant waste. C Sekar from Tamil Nadu is one among them. He created natural fibres from banana waste. Banana plants are used to decorate homes and temples and disposed of in garbage after their use. As numerous banana plants are wasted like this, Sekar wanted to utilize them innovatively.

He collects them to source fibres from them with the support of his team. This fibre is used to make the yarn. He created natural fibres from banana, bamboo, pineapple and aloe vera plants and weave fabric. He sells his products under the brand name Ananafit. He also had woven a saree using 25 natural fibres, for which he entered the Limca Book of Records.

At present, Sekar and his team are working to create silk yarn from lotus plants.

If the alternative fabric is produced on a large scale, a huge amount of water will be saved. However, converting agricultural residue into textile yarn is not simple. The handloom weavers need technical support to produce the yarn and weave the fabric in bulk. They are seeking the support of the government so that they can create more such designs.

Image by Anuraj RV from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

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