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Create a legally binding will online

Create a legally binding will online

Making a will is very important for most people. It helps one safeguard their interests and the interests of his/her family. Now you can make a will easily with this online tool.

Many adults work hard to safeguard their families financially. Many people invest in life insurances and other similar financial tools. However, not all people know well about life insurance policies and claiming them correctly. In order to make sure that family members get their inheritance properly, wills are useful. They ensure that every member gets what you want to give them.

Wills don’t just apply to life insurances either, they work with any investments like Post Office Investments, EPFS, bank accounts and mutual fund investments of deceased citizens. Many times, the next of kin may not be completely familiar with these assets and they would remain unclaimed. Statistics reveal huge amounts of unclaimed life insurances. When an amount is left unclaimed with companies, banks and mutual funds for more than seven years, it is transferred to SEBI’s Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF).

Making a will in India is easy. One can make it on a plain paper and it should be signed by the testator along with two attesting witnesses, and the will will be legally binding. Now you can do it easily on MakeMyWill as well. It is a free online tool for will making. launched MakemyWill. It offers easy, legally binding will for free. It asks 5 simple questions and helps users define how their estate should be divided after they pass away. The tool also allows for alternate beneficiaries, executors for their will, guardians for minor children, and even lets one include provisions to disinherit family members.

The will document generated has been extensively reviewed by multiple lawyers. This ensures it is legally binding.

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