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Best health Insurance plans

Best health Insurance plans

Health insurance is very essential these days. But finding an optimal health insurance plan can be quite complicated. There are many things to check before buying. The premium you are paying for the policy, your medical needs, efficiency of your chosen company in processing the claims, network hospitals, lifetime bonus etc. are the some things you consider before opting for a health policy. Here are some great health insurance plans that come up with great features.

Apollo’s Optima Restore Plan

The main advantage of this plan is that even if you fall ill once and exhaust your limit there will be no problem, the plan also covers you if you fall ill the second time. It can be claimed even after you exhausted your limit. Health insurance also gives advantage of a tax rebate. This policy also gives you a multiplier benefit if you don’t claim the policy. If you go through 2 claim free years the multiplier benefit is doubled.

Max Bupa’s Heartbeat

The main advantage of Max Bupa’s Heartbeat is that it offers coverage for up to 14 family members. This is great for people with large families. Having one insurance plan can insure everyone. Buying it once can give insurance to any family member.

This plan can also cover your new-born baby from birth without any additional premium. This helps you get two insurances for one. In order for this to apply, the mother must have been covered for two continuous years.

A product from Star Insurance

Getting a health insurance plan can be very hard if you are a senior citizen and that too without a check-up. There are many advantages for Star’s Read Carpet Health. It can cover even your pre-existing diseases from the second year onwards and has guaranteed lifetime renewals.

ICICI Lombard’s Complete Health Insurance

Many health insurance policies have the disadvantage of not covering day care surgeries. This is where ICICI Lombard’s Complete Health Insurance has an advantage. It covers up to 150 day care surgeries. The plans also covers a 30 days pre and 60 days post-hospitalization.

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