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Best earphones under ₹1000

Best earphones under ₹1000

Buying earphones in a budget is a good move to save money. This is because people often lose them and they end up becoming useless.

Here are some of the best budget earphones.

Sony MDR-AS200

Sony MDR-AS200 comes at a price of around ₹759. They offer a lot of comfort with their behind-the-ear frame. They are idea for sports lovers.


JBL T-100 A

With just ₹615, JBL offers T-100A. They are decent earphones and quite sturdy. They are available in black and white color options. They also have a built in microphone for phones. Three different sizes of ear tips are also provided with it.

Sennheiser CX 180

With a price tag of ₹799, CX 180 by Sennheiser is one of the most popular budget earphones. It has a frequency range of 20Hz – 20,000Hz. However, this pair doesn’t come with a microphone for calling.

Audio Technica CLR100

Audio Technica is one of the best brands for audio related gadgets. Their CLR100 comes at a price of ₹999. It has 8.5 mm driver units and comes with three different sizes of ear tips.

Best earphones under ₹1000

Best earphones under ₹1000

Skullcandy S2DUL-J448

Skullcandy is known for its funky designs. While they are usually a little bit pricier, the S2DUL-J448 comes at just ₹599 online. It has three colors: black, white, and red. It comes with an inline remote and a built-in microphone. The cable is a flat cable which prevents tangling of earphones which is a common annoying problem.

Philips SHQ1200

The SHQ1200 by Philips come with a price tag of ₹580. It also has an inline remote and a built in microphone. It comes in three color options: Red, Grey, and orange.

Brainwavz Omega

Brainwaz Omega is priced at ₹999. It comes with stainless steel earbuds and a 24 month warranty. It also comes with an inline remote.

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