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Bangalore Scientists’ ‘Nozzle’ reduces Aircraft Noise

Bangalore Scientists’ ‘Nozzle’ reduces Aircraft Noise

A team of scientist at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore developed a device called ‘Nozzle’ to reduce aircraft noise. These devices improve the performance of airplane engines as well. These Nozzles are simple tubes which are designed for specific applications. In the airplane engines, ejectors are used to control the velocity of hot gases produced. This helps in the creation of thrust. The team of scientist have developed a couple of new nozzles which make the mixing of different gases better.

Gubbi labs has stated that the jet ejectors are usually supersonic, which means the speed of gas is faster than sound. When the exhaust of the jet moves so fast, more noise is produced. One of the ways to reduce the noise is to mix the hot gases with cold air outside which also increases the performance of the airplane. The nozzles developed by the team of scientists also have the potential to be used in next generation ecofriendly refrigerators and fuel cells.

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