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Automatic Solar Composter

Automatic Solar Composter

Nowadays, many researchers are exploring ways to utilize kitchen waste effectively. Some of them use it successfully as manure for plants and terrace gardens. However, the kitchen waste emits an unbearable foul smell during the composting process.

In this scenario, an IIT-Kanpur alumnus designed an automatic solar composting device. The device is very effective in composting kitchen waste within 20 days.

Hari Shankar is an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur. He launched Agnys Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. to design the device.

The automatic solar composting machine has a built-in shredder, waste mixer, and aerator. It controls temperature and humidity with the help of sensors.

Hari Shankar worked on waste management and composting as part of his research work at IIT-Kanpur. He was well aware of the issues involved with the waste conversion process. So, he decided to address these issues and bring a solution.

After a lot of research work, Hari Shankar succeeded in designing an effective composting machine. Unlike the normal composting process, this automatic composting process does not emit any unbearable smell. Besides, the machine is more effective and less expensive than the regular process.

The machine starts working when the organic waste is introduced into the hopper and covered with a lid. The shredder makes it into a fine mix. Then it enters the composting tank. There, the decomposition process starts with the help of a bacterial solution. There are control sensors to control temperature and humidity.

There are two variants of the machine. One is manual, and another is automatic. The manual process is done through a leg pump to aerate the tank, while solar panels or electricity is used for the automatic composting process.

Based on the model and size, the startup offers different models of units for domestic and commercial use. The smallest machine costs about ₹25,000. It caters to the needs of a small family of four members. The large machine which can process the organic waste of 100 flats costs around ₹8 lakhs.

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