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An App for UPSC Aspirants

An App for UPSC Aspirants

Scrutinizing the facts from opinions in the news is often very hard. If you are an aspirant of UPSC examination, then you will have known how difficult it is to sift the facts from the newspapers. You cannot leave it because focusing on general knowledge is very essential to crack the exam.

Generally, new articles provide their opinions, not just the news. So the readers get the opinions of writers of the news along with the flavor of news. Often the opinions are filled with the biases of the writers. In this context, bringing out the basic facts of the story is very hard for the readers. It might not be a problem to normal readers. But, in the exams in which general knowledge plays a vital role, every fact is very important.

An app named Civilsdaily was developed in this regard. Civilsdaily is a mobile application designed for people who ‘need’ news. This is an Android-based app developed by Rohit Pande who seriously considered the conversation of his friend. One of his friends is an aspirant of UPSC exam. While his conversation with Rohit, he revealed the fact that the present news either online or offline is full of opinions with biases, so it is very hard to grasp the essence of the basic story. Then Rohit along with his friend Shikar Sachan started working on the app and developed Civilsdaily for UPSC aspirants. The app was unveiled in March, 2015.

A three-member team including Rohit is working on this app to further develop it. Some freelancers are also constituting stories to this. The team works on finding trending news on popular newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Jagran, Mint, PIB etc. Around 12 to 14 stories come about each day. So far, the app has been downloaded nearly 40,000 times.

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