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App lets farmers irrigate with ease

App lets farmers irrigate with ease

Farming has been a traditional occupation among all civilizations, yet, in today’s more sedentary world, it is one of the most arduous jobs to do. It takes time, energy, and even luck to reap the benefits of farming and be successful at it.

Labor, water availability, and power supply are just some of the things that factor into successful farming. However, with technology advancing at a rapid rate, farming is also rapidly moving forward.

One example of this is Avanijal, a startup based in Bengaluru and started by Vijayeendra H. S. and Channabasappa Kolar.

For this startup, this duo has developed an automated irrigation system known as Nikash, which uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to control irrigation in farmer’s fields with an app.

Nikash works through the installation of a low-cost system that controls the valves and the motors in the fields. The system consists of the app connected to a controller, wireless sensor nodes embedded into the soil, and repeaters that establish the communication between the controller and the sensor nodes.

With this app, farmers can remotely configure their irrigation schedule and monitor the irrigation activity, tasks which would be done manually beforehand.

Not only does Nikash allow farmers to schedule and monitor their irrigation remotely, but it also allows them to remotely control other factors of irrigation, such as time, soil moisture, and the volume of available water.

Additionally, Nikash’s system has been designed to consider voltage fluctuations, which allows it to adjust the time or volume of water during the event of a power outage.

App lets farmers irrigate with ease

App lets farmers irrigate with ease

Currently, Avanijal’s services are limited to Karnataka, but in the future, the founding duo wants to expand their startup all over India.

With Avanijal’s Nikash, farming, a job which has always been done with rigorous, tedious labor, can now be done with the simple push of a button.

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