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App to help thirsty birds

App to help thirsty birds

In summer, thirsting for water is pretty common. But, have you ever wondered how the birds manage to survive the heat? Now, here’s an app that you can use to help the thirsty birds.

It all started with Gunjan Arora, a Delhi resident. One day, she saw a tiny bird in her garden. The bird was desperately trying on a hot summer afternoon to get a single drop of water out of a faucet.

Watching the bird attempt really hard to get access to a drop of water made Gunjan think about them.

She went to the garden and gave a pot of water for the bird. Now there’s an app which helps you set up a bowl for the birds. Furthermore, it also helps you keep in mind to refill the bowl whenever the water dries up. The new app is called Bird tap. It is a mobile app designed and launched by Surat-based animal welfare NGO, Prayas Team environment charitable trust.

It was made in collaboration with Humane Society International, Hyderabad. The aim of Bird tap is to make sure that scores of birds don’t go thirsty. With the help of the app users get free-of-cost water bowls and they can install them. The can do so in public or private places wherever they can be accessed simply by birds. Prayas has created many water bowl distribution centres across Surat.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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