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App to help you find ATMs with cash

App to help you find ATMs with cash

After the demonetization, many people are finding it hard to get cash on hand.

People could only exchange a few old notes for new ones due to the limits in banks. ATMs witnessed huge lines.

Many people who wanted to get some cash from ATMs ended up waiting in long lines only to find that the ATMs are out of cash.

Even now, there are still lines outside ATMs.


In order to help people who are desperate for cash, a new app came to the rescue.

Money view, a money planner app came up with a new feature to help these people.

It is the option to find ATMs which have not run out of cash yet.

Money View

Money View

Money View was initially launched as a finance planning application. The founders of the app wanted to help people who were struggling after demonetization. Despite the long queues people were willing to help each other.

The app has a nearly 10 million user base and they wanted to use it for a good purpose. So they launched the ‘Find ATMs with Cash’ feature. By using this feature, users can find active ATMs nearby them.

They can even get information on size of notes dispensed by the ATMs and the length of the queues there.

The app even provides list of Big Bazaar stores, Inox cinemas and petrol pumps with cash to form a complete list of cash-dispensing locations.


Money View

Money View

To use this, simply download the Money View app from the Play Store and use the ‘Find ATMs with Cash’ feature on the main menu.

You can simply click on an ATM to see what notes the ATM is dispensing and the length of the queue there.

This is possible by using crowd source information on which ATMs are active.

When a user successfully withdraws cash from an ATM, the bank sends a confirmation SMS to the user.

Based on that, the status of ATM is sent to other users. Users are also asked to provide feedback on the app to share information.

Image Reference: Vidyasury,, Gizbot

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