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App detects eye disorders

App detects eye disorders

There are many mobile applications nowadays. Not just tech-savvy people, but other people who are passionate about developing applications to ease some tasks are also designing mobile apps.

Here is an instance of a nine-year-old boy from Mumbai who developed an app to detect eye disorders.

Garvit Sood developed an eye-checkup app to detect eye disorders at the earliest to avoid serious consequences. He named it Drishti.

Garvit is a victim of late detection of astigmatism. So, he wanted to create an app using his coding knowledge to detect eye problems at an early stage.

The app is easy to use as the user needs to read alphabets and numbers of different sizes on the screen of their phones.

Based on the level of reading accuracy, the user’s vision score is calculated and notified. The app also tells the users if any further doctor checkup is needed.

The app is useful for people in rural areas where there is a lack of doctors. They can test their eye problems initially and consult doctors later if they have any issues.

The app is also beneficial for doctors to test the patients initially. Garvit won WhiteHat Jr’s Silicon Valley Program with his app.

Children are encouraged to send their entries to the program with original ideas to solve a real-life problem with coding of their apps.

Garvit’s entry was among the 7,000 entries received from kids from across the country. Twelve children won the Program; Garvit was one among them.

As part of this program, he will visit the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California and describe it to the top venture capitalists (VCs).

He also got an opportunity to visit Googleplex and interact with their engineers. He will talk to the product managers that design driverless cars at the Waymo facility of Google.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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