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Amazing innovations by Bengaluru kids

Amazing innovations by Bengaluru kids

The Maker Faire in Bengaluru saw a successful third edition. It saw many amazing and brilliant innovations by engineers, artists, scientists, crafters, and even school students.

So many of these innovations show the creativity of the new generation of students.

The fair was held as part of the Bengaluru Tech Summit. It was hosted at Bengaluru Palace on November 17 and 18.

Even though there were many innovators around, the young kids blew everyone’s minds with their performance in the show.

25 children from all over India participated in the event. They made several useful and creative innovations.

Nidhi Ramasubramaniam, a 3rd grade student of Sri Kumaran Children’s Home made a pen which notifies kids about pending homework.

She also made a unique pencil box that reminds students homework with different LED lights for each subject.

Her elder sister, Chinmayi of 6th grade made two innovations. The first is a prototype of mobile app for farming water sprinkler which gives access to real-time data about the nature of soil and water.

The second is a smart inhaler which warns about air quality of different geographical areas. The inhaler is also connected to a mobile app called Puffin and one needs to inhale through the inhaler to get results.

Amazing innovations by Bengaluru kids


Other than that, another great innovation is from Sarah Paul, a 7th grade student at Green Hills Public School. She developed a burglar alarm as a home security solution.

Her father, Paul Mathews, says that she has always been interested in science and being a scientist. She was interested in programming and basic electronics and started experimenting on basic programmable electronic circuits such as LEDs, light sensors and stepper motors.

Such young innovators are an obvious boon to the next generation with their thirst for creativity. Here’s hoping these innovators will go on to change the world.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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