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22-year-old builds drones from e-Waste

22-year-old builds drones from e-Waste

Young Indians are smart. There will be no shortage of jugaad or innovation in the country if they are given a chance.

Here is an instance of a 22-year-old boy who built many drones from e-waste to save people.

Prathap NM from Mandya, Karnataka is a young genius. He makes drones from e-waste to help people in need.

Prathap has been keen on making drones since his childhood. He began repairing them when he was 14 years old and learned the concept associated with them.

He built his first drone at the age of 16 without taking help from anyone. His done could fly and capture images.

He developed his interest further and designed more than 600 drones on his own. This ‘Drone Scientist’ completed many cool projects as well.

Some of them include Drones for traffic management, Telegraphy in Border Security, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs for rescue operations and auto-piloted drones.

He also incorporated cryptography techniques in his drone network to prevent them from getting hacked and go out of control.

His drones helped people by providing free food and medicines when Karnataka was suffering from massive floods.

To minimize e-waste, he builds his drones from it. He uses broken parts, motors and other electronics in his drones. This reduces the cost of his drones as well as saves the planet from e-waste.

Prathap has received many awards for his designs. The Albert Einstein Innovation Gold Medal is one among the awards he received.

He was also awarded gold and silver medal and $10,000 in the International Robotics Exhibition held in Tokyo in 2017.

Several countries invited him to exhibit his creations. Currently, Prathap is working with DRDO drone application project.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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