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How Yamuna will be getting a makeover

How Yamuna will be getting a makeover

Although Delhi may have its issues with pollution, now, it is starting one of its most ambitious projects in order to help fix its pollution problems. The Delhi Development Authority (or DDA) is finally kickstarting its plan to give a new lease of live to the Yamuna River by developing its front in an environmentally-friendly way.

This has been awaited for a long time by the people who live in the area. The DDA will be developing recreational parks, cycling areas, wetlands, and a forested buffer area around the river.

This forest will be made on an area between the Old Railway Bridge and the ITO Bridge, spanning a total of 500 acres.

There are four phases in the development of the western bank. The first of these four phases, the National Green Tribunal, will reach its culmination by April of 2018. The total cost that will be paid to develop this riverbank is about ₹10 crore, according to a report from the Times of India.

Already, the DDA has planted 800 trees in the floodplain. Now, they will be developing a 300-meter green buffer from the edge of the Yamuna River in the area around the Golden Jubilee Park.

A greenway for cyclists will also be developed along the Salimgarh Bypass, which will be 3.5 kilometers long. Additionally, a 2.5-kilometer-long walkway will be constructed for pedestrians.

It will be made out of wood instead of concrete, in order to emphasize the eco-friendly nature of this project.

The natural depressions of the area will be converted into wetlands, and most of the area will be developed as a floodplain forest. Since the Yamuna River floods every 25 years, the DDA is taking that into consideration, and will be allotting adequate holding space.

Thus, this project will help Delhi reconnect to nature, and restore the Yamuna River to its former beautiful glory, before it was contaminated by industrial waste and sewage.

Although many resident farmers and slum dwellers are protesting the development of their land, the DDA is determined to go forth with their plan to cleanse and beautify the Yamuna River.

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