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World’s tallest bamboo idol of Goddess Durga made in Assam

World’s tallest bamboo idol of Goddess Durga made in Assam

Navratri celebrations began in the country.  Devotees across the country started worshipping the idols of Goddess Durga.

Different artists made these idols. For many artists, their creativity and skills take priority rather than their religion and beliefs.

It is proved by this artist who made the tallest bamboo idol of Goddess Durga in the world.

Art director Nuruddin Ahmed from Guwahati, Assam designed the structure of the idol with the assistance of 40 artisans.

The idol was made under the Bishnupur Durga Puja Committee three years ago.

The idol was made of 5,000 bamboo poles of different varieties. Assam is rich in bamboo. Besides, Ahmed, the art director wanted to promote the use of bamboo. Hence, the gigantic structure was completely made of bamboo.

The 40 artisans who involved with the artwork of Goddess Durga are of different faiths. They all worked together to build the idol.

Initially, the team aimed to finish the work in forty days. However, when the artwork was about to complete, a big storm hit the region.

The team had to rebuild the structure from scratch. They finished the structure on time by working day and night. Their work was appreciated by many people. They also got recognition for making the world’s tallest idol of the goddess.

By making this tallest bamboo idol, Nuruddin Ahmed’s name entered in the Limca Book of Records. The Limca Book of Records endorsed him the man who made the world’s tallest idol.

Ahmed has been doing this work since 1975. Whenever people ask about the conflicts between his artwork and religion, he says that there is no relation between his beliefs and job. He believes in humanity.

Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

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