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This woman shrunk to 2 feet after an accident

This woman shrunk to 2 feet after an accident

There are several strange things in the world which seem mysterious to the people.

Here is a strange case of a woman who shrunk to just 2 feet.

According to the report of her family, it happened after the consumption of medicines to treat her wounds due to an accident.

This did not happen in a single day or a year, but within the span of 25 years, her height decreased.

The woman’s name is Shanti Devi. She is 60 years old. She lives in Kanpur. She is originally 5 feet long. But, after she met with an accident 25 years ago and consumed some medicine, her height started reducing. Now she is just 2 feet long.

She spent a normal life before the accident. She was taken to a hospital to treat her wounds when the roof of the house fell down on her.

She got treated for her wounds. But, she complained of pain in her bones for which she was again taken to the hospital.

Then, the doctors prescribed some medicine to treat her pain. After that, her height started reducing. Her height was reduced by half feet with the consumption of medicines in four months.

Then, she consulted other doctors as well. But, her height reduction problem was not solved. Now her height is just 2 feet within 25 years.

But, the version of doctors was different. As per them, it was due to the condition of osteoporosis.

This condition happened due to non-recognition of the problem in the initial stages. Now that she is in the menopause stage, she lacks oestrogen, the female hormone.

As Shanti Devi is suffering with this painful condition, many people are visiting her with amusement and taking pictures of her.

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