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Things to know about Indian Thali

Things to know about Indian Thali

Traditional foods in each state across the country are different. Also, major differences are seen between South Indian and North Indian food. However, the thali is famous for both cuisines.

Here are some interesting points to know about Indian Thali:

  • A thali offers various dishes served on a large plate. In some states, it is offered in banana leaves to enhance the flavour of the food. In some states, people use banana leaves to eat food only at festivals or any special occasions. Thali has dishes of different flavours like spicy, salty, sour, sweet, and bitter.
  • Each dish is served in different bowls. A cup of rice and a few chapatis are kept in the centre while remaining food items like curries, fried items, pickles etc., are placed around them. Though the food items vary with each region of the country, the layout of the thali is almost the same.
  • Each food item is served in small portions so that people can taste all items and get nutrients from these foods.
  • Many Indians like pickles. Hence, pickles are included in all thalis across the country. Pickles also help balance the bland food. Besides, they promote digestion.
  • The inclusion of a vegetable or fruit salad is also common in many thalis. However, they comprise local or seasonal food. Serving a sweet is also common to relish the food.
  • Nowadays, many people are eating at dining tables. They use spoons and forks to eat food. But, in many rural areas, people sit on the floor to eat. They believe it promotes digestive function.
  • Also, they eat with their hands to sense the taste of the food in a better way. They wash their hands before and after consuming a meal and enjoy eating the food.
  • In Indian culture, food serving is also vital. They do not prefer self-service. Usually, food is served by some other person like mother, wife, sister etc. They serve with love and affection. So unlike self-service, people eat more food and fill their stomachs with food items and satisfaction.

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