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Temples to implement dress code for devotees

Temples to implement dress code for devotees

If you are going to visit a temple in Tamil Nadu after January 1, 2016, then make sure you wear an ‘appropriate dress’. It seems that dress code will be made mandatory for the devotees who visit temples in Tamil Nadu. This is because Madras High Court ordered government of Tamil Nadu and other Hindu Religious and Charitable Institutions, and Endowment Department to implement dress code for the devotees. In order to improve the spiritual atmosphere, HC sees dress code is essential for the devotees who visit temples to worship.

Soon, temples in Tamil Nadu will need to implement dress code as per the directions of the High Court. These directions are given by Madras High Court on Tuesday after disposing a petition filed for seeking permission to conduct “Adal Paadal programme” (dance and music) at Sri Shenbaga Vinayagar temple in Tiruchirappalli district. Justice S Vaidyanathan stated that the dress we wear for public worship should be generally considered appropriate. Islam is very specific about the dress code when entering mosque.

Hence, in order to promote the spiritual environment among devotees, dress code for devotees who visit temples of Tamil Nadu will be mandatory. The Judge added that the department should implement dress code in the prescribed manner. It is mentioned as below: All men should wear dhoti or pyjamas with upper cloth, or formal pants and shirts. And women should wear saree or half saree with blouse, or churidhars with upper cloth. Children should also follow dress code. They should wear a fully covered dress. With effect from January 1, 2016, dress code should be followed in temple.

However, in certain temples like Tiruchendur where men are not allowed to wear upper cloth while entering the temple can continue the same practice till the final decision of the government. All temples, irrespective of whether or not they are undertaken by the government shall also impose the traditional dress code strictly in order to create virtuous atmosphere.

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