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Tech Mahindra’s SaralRozgar Card – A Useful tool for Potential Job Seekers

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MahindraBSE, the IT services major tech has announced the launch of SaralRozgar Cards nationwide. The aim is to create a common pool of jobs and job providers. The service is aimed at providing connection between job seekers below graduate level and job providers.

Anyone seeking a job can easily access the service by simply buying the SaralRozgar card. The card costs Rs 50 and the user can register with a simple voice call in their preferred language. The number for using SaralRozgar service is 1860-180-1100 and it can called from anywhere in India.

The company also helps the job seekers by creating their first ever online resumes and connecting those resumes with potential employers from various corporations. The job seekers can also be reached by Entrepreneurs and employers with a voice call. The most trending job categories are retail, electricians, tailors, machine operators, cooks, security guards, F&B executives, delivery boys. These cards are now easily accessible to even people in rural and urban areas. Buying one card can give the service for 60 days.

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