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Tall turban tale

Tall turban tale

Make sure you don’t walk behind Major Singh, or even sit behind him in a movie. His turban is 400 m long and at least one small tower tall. Moreover, this Nihang Sikh spends a lot on more than 100 hairpins and 51 religious metal symbols to keep it in its place.

Make sure you don’t refer to his headpiece as ‘turban’ to him, either, for it has a pedigree name of ‘dumaala’. All nihangs from Punjab wear dumaalas, and the man who wears the biggest one is the silent, crowned—-or turbaned, if you will—champion.

But most impressive of all is that his dumaala weighs 35 kilos. No wonder he has a lot of headweight, for the next Nihang in the line of hierarchy is a Sikh with a turban that is 10 kilos lighter. Obviously, Major Singh is one proud man who can hold his head high.

Photo by Chander Mohan on Unsplash(Free for Commercial Use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/f-raZJLzukc

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