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Signs of approaching death believed by ancient Indians

Signs of approaching death believed by ancient Indians

Generally, people don’t want to know about death. However, it is inevitable in life. It is believed that Mahabharata and some other Puranas like Brahmanda Purana and Shiva Purana indicated some early signs of death. Many ancient Indians believed in them. Still, many people believe them.

These are presented to you just for information, but not to threaten. Or, this is not the opinion of the author and believing them is at your discretion.

Here are the signs that are believed to indicate the death is approaching.

Sings through sense organs:

Vision signs:

  • If one can’t see the ‘Pole Star’, then it is said that they will die in a year.
  • It is believed that if anyone can see only the Sun without rays, i.e. the red blob, they will die within fifteen days.
  • The person who cannot see his own shadow or headless shadow is supposed to die in a month.
  • Seeing a crow dying or landing of a dove on one’s head is said to bring death within six months.
  • If anyone can’t see his reflection in the water, mirror, or oil, it is thought to believe that they will die in six months.
  • If everything is visible black, then it is said that death is near.
  • Surrounding by crows or vultures is not a good sign. They are supposed to die within six months.

Smell signs:

  • If a person can feel the smell of a corpse, it is thought to believe that they will die in fifteen days.
  • If the fragrant scents at the temple or worshipping places smell like a corpse, they are supposed to die within a week.

Hearing signs:

  • It is believed that anyone who cannot hear loud noises will die immediately.
  • It is also believed that people who hear the howl of wolves early in the morning will die soon.
  • Also, anyone who can’t hear the buzzing sound of his inner ear when blocking the ears is supposed to die soon.

Sings of mouth and tongue:

  • Swelling of tongue and pus secreting from teeth indicates the near death.
  • Thickening tongue and teeth coated with greasy substance will cause death in six months.
  • If mouth and tongue harden like a stone, it indicates a near-death.
  • Dryness of the upper mouth will cause death in one month.

There are many other beliefs also which you can read in another article.

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