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Lord Krishna’s Death in Mahabharata

Lord Krishna’s Death in Mahabharata

Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is worshipped by several devotees. His role in Mahabharata is prominent. If he hadn’t taken the side of the Pandavas, then they would have lost the Kurukshetra war in Mahabharata.

However, Pandavas were not happy with victory in the war due to huge destruction. Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas could not bear the loss of all her children in that war.

When Pandavas along with Lord Krishna visited Gandhari to offer condolences, she could not control her grief. She burst into tears. Suddenly her grief turned into vengeance. She blamed Krishna for not stopping the war with his divine power.

But, Krishna smiled without giving any reply. This increased her anger further. She cursed Lord Krishna to have a painful death that no one would have ever heard or seen and his entire clan would be destroyed the same way as he made the relatives of Kuru kill one another. She also cursed that Dwaraka would be submerged due to floods.

After cursing, Gandhari realized that she did a mistake and fell at the feet of Lord Krishna. She started crying. But Krishna smiled gently and said that no one would escape from the Karma (deeds).

After some years, Lord Krishna lost all his sons and grandsons in a fight with each other. He wanted to leave Dwaraka in search of penance. Taking the blessings of his father, he left the city. He met his brother under a tree who attained moksha there. Krishna realized that his time also had come.

While he was meditating under a tree, a hunter shot an arrow at his feet thinking it’s a bear’s foot.

Later, the hunter asked for the pardon of the Lord. But, Krishna replied that it was not his fault but done as per the Karma.

Krishna suffered several days as cursed by Gandhari. He spent his life lonely in the forest. No one was there to care for him.

At last, Lord Krishna’s soul departed from his body. Later Dwaraka was flooded and submerged under the ocean as per the curse of Gandhari.

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