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Secrets of parents of Lord Krishna

Secrets of parents of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna was born to Devaki, sister of the demon king Kansa, and Vasudeva, prophesied to by the cause of Kansa’s death.

However, on that same day, Yashoda and Nanda bore a girl named Yogamaya, who was switched with Krishna and killed in place of him.

However, in truth, she was the goddess Durga, and when she was thrown into a well, she took her original form and warned Kansa that his end was near, and he would soon repay for his sins.

Once, when there was a total Solar Eclipse, people were going to a place near Kurukshetra named Samata Panchaka. The two pairs, Devaki and Vasudeva and Yashoda and Nanda with Krishna, met on their way to the place, and it was an emotional reunion between Krishna and his parents.

Later, Lord Krishna visited Yashoda on her deathbed, who was overcome with joy in her life, and whose dying regret was that she was never able to witness Krishna to be married. He promised her that her dream would be fulfilled in her next life, and supposedly, she was next born as Vakuladevi and saw the marriage of Venkateshwara.

Lord Krishna would later live a lifetime with his parents, who did love him dearly, after he set them free from the clutches of Kansa.

However, he would later meet his end when a hunter shot an arrow at his feet, and he was forced to return home.

When the news reached Vasudeva, he could not take the news and killed himself immediately after. Devaki could not take both her son and husband being gone from the world, and threw herself on his funeral pyre.

Lastly, it is said that Nanda was taken into the rank of Shiva Ganas after he prayed with ten Crore “Crown Flowers” daily to Koteshvara Shiva.

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