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Significance of offering coconut to Gods in Hinduism

Significance of offering coconut to Gods in Hinduism

In Hinduism, offering coconut to Gods during puja at home and breaking it in the temple is one of the most common traditions.

Do you know why coconuts are broken in the temple or front of gods? Coconut has a unique feature. It has a hard outer shell and a soft white kernel inside.

Many Puranas and epics cited coconut offering. Coconut is believed as an auspicious offering to deities. Besides, it also represents fertility.

There are many reasons for offering coconut to deities in Hinduism. In ancient days, there was a tradition of human sacrifices to gods. However, later humans knew that it was a barbaric act; hence this tradition was replaced by offering coconut to deities.

The coconut resembles humans in many ways as per beliefs. The coir resembles human hair, the hard outer shell represents a human skull and the water inside signifies human blood.

Devotees believe that breaking a coconut in front of god means breaking ego and thereby submission to god completely.

The tender white kernel of coconut is surrounded by multiple layers of fibre. To get it, one must strip the fibre. In the same way, one must be devoid of their desires to attain spiritual growth.

Similarly, one must leave all their selfish and egoistic thoughts to offer themselves to god just like pouring the inner water of coconut outside before offering it to God.

It is also believed that coconut was created by Sage Vishwamitra to help King Satyavrata, when he was thrown by the Gods after he attempted to enter heaven as a mortal.

In another belief, Lord Ganesha was given coconut by his father, Lord Shiva, to play like a ball in his childhood. For all these reasons, coconut has a great significance in Hindu culture. So, it is offered to deities during auspicious days and special puja ceremonies.

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