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Sex Education in India

The whole situation of sex education in India can be described as Ironic. On one hand, India is the culture that has invented Kama Sutra, on the other hand, many people in society still consider sex education immoral and vulgar. The surprise is that even ministers of India think the same. Most of the cases argued against sex education appear to be pushing the fact that sex education is wrong because it is against the culture of India. The health minister had in the past made an alleged statement which expressed his concerns about the promotion of condoms. Although the statement is now being denied, it could leave one wondering just what exactly the perspective of government regarding this issue is.

We have several government campaigns regarding safe sex, however we also have several government officials including ministers making statements that sex education is not correct culturally. Such contradictory actions only leave the young minds of India more confused than usual. If there is to be a sex education class, then the class has to go all in. It should cover all aspects and serve its purpose (to enlighten people). Being on the middle ground is not the correct thing to be done.

It is definitely a fact that when the topic of sex arises, it is always related to culture of the country. However, it is important to note that culture is the way of life at present. The culture that exists now matters more than the culture of past centuries.

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