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Scientific reasons behind wearing ornaments

Scientific reasons behind wearing ornaments

Almost every Indian woman dreams of wearing ornaments and decorating herself beautifully. Indian women generally tend to have great liking towards wearing gold ornaments. Even in the ancient sculptures women are portrayed with gold ornaments. There are actually scientific reasons behind different ornaments.


Rings are common for both genders. The nerves in our fingers are said to have various affects. The nerve ending in ring finger is connected to brain through heart. Wearing a metal ring helps in better stimulation of that nerve.


Earrings are usually made of gold. The nerves in the ear which are connected to eyes are stimulated through these nerves. In women, this nerve is also connected to the reproductive organs.

Nose ring

Ayurveda states that piercing the nose near a particular node on the nostril helps women in reducing the pain during monthly periods. This is one of the reasons for women wearing nose rings. Piercing left nostril also helps women during childbirth.

Necklaces (Mangalsutra)

Mangalsutra is said to attract a lot of divine energy as per scriptures. The Mangalsutra is worn with the hollow side facing the body in order to attract the positive energies to the void of the cups. This is said to keep the body healthy.

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