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Ravana’s theory on women

Ravana's theory on women

Women are said to have certain traits specifically defined by Ravana himself, passed down through generations.

Some may retaliate to these traits, since not all women are defined by them.

Some are good and some not so much.

Take a look for yourself:



Women are known for courage in times of need, and this fact is respected and admired, but this may have a negative impact upon their lives. They may tend to show their courage at the wrong time, which can make them repent later on.

• Women are said to have a tendency to pass off lies easily. This habit can backfire at any time on any day, and can jeopardize their life and well-being.

• Women are said to be easily distracted, and therefore unfocused. This makes them very easy targets to be convinced and manipulated. However, this is not generally agreed upon.

Women are said to have at least once in one’s lifetime conspired against someone to fulfill what suits one’s own desires. Ravana said to avoid a woman filled with vengeance, who may, in being a hurt one, turn out to be a large and cruel conspirer.

Courage and fear are said to co-exist in women, feeling brave and fearless at one moment and fearful and unsure in the next. It is also said they have fear of things which are not happening to their desire.

Women are said to sometimes be foolish, and tending to be making rash decisions. They may even be instilling their trust to anything they think will be less harmful to them, which can often go otherwise for them.

It is said to never cross a woman the wrong way. Women are said to have a streak of cruelty, able to be perfectly motherly toward one person and have animosity towards another person in the span of a moment.


Do you agree? And with which ones and why so?

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Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/V5Owjg-ZNto

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