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Phrases used by Mumbai Cops to Demand Bribes

There are many corrupt cops who take bribes. The Anti-Corruption Bureau has given the list of the following phrases which are used by cops to take bribes. In the past, the easiest way to find out if a cop would settle any issues with bribe is to say “let this one pass”. However in the present, cops are being more careful to suggest that they are open for bribes. Generally, the following methods are used by cops looking for bribes.

Asking money for ‘chai’– This is probably something that almost every Indian has experienced. Cops tend to ask for tea which means giving them money to buy the tea. However, the money they take can usually buy 20 cups of tea.

Using mobile phones – These cops follow the motto “leave no evidence”. They usually type in the amount they expect on their cell phone and show the number to the citizen. If the citizen is lucky/smart enough to understand it, they can escape with a small bribe instead of paying the actual fine.

‘Let’s go somewhere else’ – A phrase that one wants to hear from their date rather than a policeman. However, when the cop says it, it means lets go somewhere where I won’t be caught taking the bribe.

‘Tell me what you want to do’ – This is often used by cops to make citizens feel they are in control. It’s almost tempting to reply with ‘I would like to be excused’ but that won’t get you anywhere. This is another indirect way of asking for a bribe by asking what you are willing to do.

Let the minions take care – Police of higher ranks usually make citizens talk to constables because they do not want to be caught taking bribes. This means that you would have to settle the money with the constable.

Giving the finger – No, not that finger. Cops usually sign the amount they expect with their fingers. However it could be hundreds or thousands depending on the crime.

These are some of the methods that are usually used by cops to ask for a bribe while trying to maintain their dignity.

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