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The Palace of Hidden secrets

The Palace of Hidden secrets

Have you heard of Ferozshah Kotla’s old ruins? Every Thursday people come here to offer their deepest secrets to the city’s djinns (believed to be inhabitants of the area). People write their letters in various writing styles. The letters are pinned to the walls here as it offers a ray of hope for the tired.

Many of you may have heard of genies which grant wishes. The visitors of Ferozshah Kotla believe that their wishes will come true. There are many who show up here with a letter every week and they have been doing it for decades.

There are many stories related to the Palace. Many people visualize the djinns as talking crows or men in white robes with long beards. Some people also think that there are many djinns and that they have their own unique smell.

Every week, there will be only one day for people to leave a letter for the supernatural beings. By the end of the day, there will be hundreds of messages left behind by people who pray with all their might.

This tradition of writing letters has been taken from a practice which was in the 14th century in Delhi.

People entered the palace premises to talk to the Tughlaq Sultan and raise issues without any interference from the royal guards. In that tradition, everyone is given an equal chance without considering age, economic status, and nationality.

Anand Vivek Taneja, an anthropologist’s research found that the practice of writing letters to the djinns really took off in the 1970s. This happened when a fakir called Laddoo Shah started living in the ruins.

The Ferozshah Kotla castle was built in the 14th century. The palace has survived long years of change and modernity. The believers who come here hold on to their beliefs strongly.

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