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Open Air Jail Café at Shimla

Open Air Jail Café at Shimla

As the name suggests, the open-air jail café is being run by the prisoners in Shimla. This is one of the tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh.

The prisoners who are more than 135 in number also run six mobiles van canteens in Shimla, Nahan and Dharamshala in addition to this café. All these are big tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh.

The main aim of punishment is to reform and rehabilitate prisoners. When, the jail wants to rehabilitate prisoners, they want to provide them opportunities for jobs as well as their skill improvement.

The idea was designed by the Himachal Pradesh Director General of Prisons, Somesh Goyal.

Their efforts are not in vain. Their turnover is in crores due to jail products.

This idea reformed the prisoners and they are being sent out of jail based on their good conduct.

In addition to mobile canteens and café, all the jail-made products like handloom, bakery and other recipes are changing the lives of the prisoners.

Due to all the jail-made products and open-air jail concept, the prisons department is earning ₹3.5 crores annually.

They have also applied for a tag for bakery products as well as handloom items to reveal their genuineness and quality.

Jai Chand is one of the prisoners. He is punished with a life imprisonment for a murder. Currently, he is running a book café.

He said that meeting all the students and tourists who visit the café has changed his life. He added that he is living with hope about future. Even though he is in jail, he is supporting his family with the earning.

There are many other prisoners who also said this improved their positive mood by engaging them in various useful activities.

Thus, one single idea is helping not only the prisoners but their families as well.

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