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NOTA Effect in Madhya Pradesh election results

NOTA Effect in Madhya Pradesh election results

The Madhya Pradesh assembly election results ran neck and neck for both the BJP and the Congress as the Exit Poll results say.

Moreover, these elections brought back the memories of ballot paper based voting despite the elections being conducted on EVMs.

The results of MP elections took too much time and could not be declared till the next day morning which means the counting of votes took more than 24 hours.

Yet, at the end, Congress emerged as the largest party with 114 seats despite falling short two seats to form the government here.

But, with the support of the BSP, it is going to form the government in the state.

If you observe the results, you will find many interesting points in Madhya Pradesh.

The Congress won 114 seats with 40.9 percent vote share. But, the BJP won 109 seats with 41 percent share. That means, the losing party has more voting share than the winning party.

14 assembly seats were decided with a low margin of less than 2,000 votes. Among them, the Congress won nine.

10 assembly seats were decided by a margin of less than 1,000 votes in which Congress won seven seats.

In some places, the contestants barely won the seats. For instance, in Gwalior South, the Congress party won by just 121 votes.

Suwasra, Jaora and Jabalpura North are some other places where contestants won with less than 600 votes.

NOTA (None Of The Above) option also played a crucial role in the results. In 13 seats, NOTA acted as a spoiler for the BJP.

The number of votes polled to the BJP were 1,56,42,980 whereas they were 1,55,95,153 to the Congress. And the difference between the votes is 47,817 votes.

1.4 per cent or 5,42,295 voters opted for NOTA which means that it played a vital role in the elections.

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