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Newborn twins were named after coronavirus

Newborn twins were named after coronavirus

A couple in Chhattisgarh, India named their newborn twins Corona and Covid.

The twins, a boy and a girl, were born in Raipur at a government hospital on March 27.

Parents of the newborns named their baby girl Corona and boy Covid.

Preeti Verma, the mother of the twins said that they had to face several difficulties to reach the hospital and the delivery happened with many troubles during the lockdown.

The parents said that the names would remind them of the difficulties they faced for the delivery during lockdown.

Hence, they wanted to make the day memorable and named their babies after the virus.

Normally, close relatives help at the time of delivery. But now everyone is locked down in their homes, the couple could not get any help from their relatives.

India is under a three-week lockdown until April 14 and suspended all transport services.

Hence, there is no vehicular movement and the couple reached the hospital late at night through a lot of hardships.

Yet, the birth of newborns brought joy in their lives. They wanted the day to be memorable and hence named their newborns after coronavirus.

Vinay Verma, the father of the twins says that Corona means crown in Latin. Hence, it is a beautiful name for their daughter.

A lot of fear is associated with COVID-19, yet it created awareness on sanitation and hygiene in the public. Thus, both names are good enough to name their children.

The couple said that their elders are insisting them to change the names of the twins. As of now, they don’t want to change it, but they may change their decision later and rename their children.

Meanwhile, the hospital staff started calling the newborns Corona and Covid.

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