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Lunar spells to improve your love life

Lunar spells to improve your love life

A spell isn’t everything you may think it is. It is not something to necessarily be wary or afraid of, and not something which can only be performed by magically powered people such as witches or wizards. However, when you yourself are preparing to use a spell, it is important to consider moral and ethical implications in doing such a thing, so to not negatively manipulate or alter people’s minds or paths in any way.

A perfect spell focuses on both the person who makes it and said person’s healing ability, intuition, and vibration, which will have a directly positive impact on people around him or her. Such a thing is known as white magic, using a beautiful set of intentions with pure light and love. Magic spells have been used for centuries, and are not confined to any group.

A new moon is optimal for spell casting, since it is representative of new beginnings, birth, healing, and seed planting. Traditionally, seven wishes are made at this time, because it is believed that the energy of the new moon can facilitate their growth into realities. A new moon is coming again soon, and here is how you can benefit from it.

• Needed for setting up the spell: a small flowerpot or container, a seed, planting soil, paper, a pen, a candle, and a bottle of water (preferably straight from an ocean, lake, or river)

• An item of significant importance to the dynamic from which to clear energy, such as a photograph, note, gift, jewelry piece, and such like. Bind the item with a cord, lace, or ribbon before heading out.

• Take along a crystal for vibrational enhancement if possible, or sage to burn during the ritual.

• This spell will clear love’s energy channels, taking out any negative energy blocking love’s flow.

• Go somewhere around nature’s elements when working with the moon, such as a forest or a lake.

• Ensure your mind to be calm and clear, as the moon will rule the subconscious state.

• Invoke the presence of a love goddess, such as Aphrodite/Venus or Kurukulla.

• When a connection is felt, light the candle, put a bit of soil in the pot, and hold the crystal in hands for a few moments before putting it in the pot as well.

• On the paper, write with the pen your name and the one with whom you wish to clear energy channels, or, if preferred, a positively connoting sentence in relation to it.

• Fold up the note and place it in the pot, and then untie the string around the object and place it in along with it.

• Pour more soil on the items to fill the pot, and then pour some water over it all, keeping mind focused on the positive outcome of this all.

• Plant the seed, and then sit in a meditative position and recite an affirmation for the growth of love and positive energy. Remain there in meditative thought for a while.

• Take the plant home, and be sure to let it grow and prosper, all the while reminded of the peace and harmony it represents.

This spell is quite useful for clearing negative energies from the past so new, positive energy can flourish.

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