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Kittampalayam: A village’s silent celebration for winged neighbours

Kittampalayam: A village's silent celebration for winged neighbours

In the quaint village of Kittampalayam, nestled in Coimbatore district, a unique tradition has quietly thrived for over 15 years.

Here, the 4,383 residents have chosen to forgo the explosive revelry of Deepavali.

It is all for the sake of their unusual neighbors – a community of 3,700 bats that have found a permanent home in the banyan and tamarind trees.

Fifteen years ago, the village woke to an unexpected symphony of screeches from a banyan tree.

A gathering of around 50 bats, making it their sanctuary, marked the beginning of a remarkable coexistence.

When another colony of 70 bats joined a year later, the village collectively decided to protect them, declaring Deepavali a cracker-free occasion.

This commitment evolved from an unspoken agreement to avoid loud fireworks to a complete refrain from any form of crackers by 2006.

The villagers, including children, have embraced a celebration that involves sharing sweets, donning new clothes, and cheering on the bats as they take flight on Deepavali.

From a tender age, children in Kittampalayam are educated not to disturb or feed the bats.

Silent field trips are organized by the local school, emphasizing the bats’ prowess as proficient fruit foragers, capable of self-sufficiency.

These fruit-eating mammals, boasting wingspans of 1-1.5 meters, embark on their nightly journeys. They start their journey every evening around 6:30 pm and navigate the skies until just before sunrise.

The village’s commitment to eco-friendly celebrations has not only secured the presence of these bats but also attracted other wildlife.

These creatures include cranes, parrots, and peacocks, transforming Kittampalayam into a haven for nature enthusiasts.

In a world often overshadowed by noise and chaos, Kittampalayam stands as a testament to the power of a community’s conscious decision to coexist in harmony with nature.

Their decision to protect wildlife is lauded by many environment enthusiasts.

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