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It’s Malgudi’s Day Today

R.K. Narayan with his memorable book, 'Malgudi Days'

Malgudi village and its simple, fresh, fictional days are gone forever. Yet, it is gratifying to see that for one day, at least, Google Doodle remembers its famous Indian writer, R.K. Narayan, on his 108th birthday, and has put the small, fictional, village novel on the global map.

The Google homepage has a sketch of the novelist with his collection of ‘Malgudi Days’. If you click on his picture, it takes you to a Google search of R.K Narayan, giving you a list of top links about the author and his work. He was best known for his novel about that imaginative South Indian town.

The Google Doodle page says: “Who’s the man behind the book on our doodle in India? It’s Malgudi’s native son, famed Indian writer RK Narayan. Narayan is a well known pioneer of early Indian literature and set most of his stories in the fictional town of Malgudi. Happy 108th birthday to RK Narayan,” it said.

In 1986, a popular TV series called ‘Malgudi Days’ telecast many of his short stories. They were later revived by Kavitha Lankesh and aired again on Doordarshan in 2006.

Some of his other creations were ‘Swami and Friends’, ‘The Bachelor of Arts’ and ‘The English Teacher’. Born on October 10, 1906, in Madras, RK Narayan studied in Maharaja’s College in Mysore.

He would never have thought that his book would have found a place in a global, digital library. But it has—and so has the country!

Photo by Dinis Bazgutdinov on Unsplash(Free for Commercial Use)

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