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India’s first Agricultural school with all girls

India’s first Agricultural school with all girls

Have you ever heard of an agricultural school for primary girls?

There is a school named Good Harvest School located in the village of Paschim Gaon, Uttar Pradesh.

It is the first agriculture school in the country for primary school girls.

Unlike normal schools, there are no buildings or class-style structures here. But, the girls of the school will have hands-on-experience in farming.

The school is in a space of 50,000 sq ft in which it has a nursery, a seed bank and cattle.

Good Harvest School was founded by Ashita and Anish Nath in 2016. The couple quit their jobs to do something for society.

With their interest in farming, they chose agriculture. They bought a plot in the Unnao district and started working.

But, they found that farmers in that area used to leave the land fallow after growing one crop.

It is quite common for them to sell the land or some portion of it whenever they need money. Some even used to sell everything and move out of their village in search of better job opportunities.

At the same time, they also found that the students were in a position that they can’t even read a single sentence properly.

As the villagers were engaged in farming for many generations, the couple decided to include farming as a subject in their school.

But, they found that many parents normally educate their sons and keep their daughters with them to help with household or farm work.

Then, the couple wanted to open an agricultural school for the primary girls.

Now, after 2½ years of the establishment of school, around 45 girls from 3 to 13 years are in it.

The school has no fixed curriculum. But, the girls are taught English, Hindi and Mathematics in addition to the farming techniques.

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