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India’s elections turn festive with unique themed polling stations

India's elections turn festive with unique themed polling stations

As India’s Lok Sabha Election 2024 progresses into its fourth phase, creative and festive atmospheres at polling stations across 10 states and Union Territories are making headlines.

The innovative approach aims to boost voter turnout by transforming the voting process into a celebration. 

Yesterday, on May 13, a total of 96 Lok Sabha constituencies opened their doors to voters starting at 7 AM.

Social media is buzzing with images and videos from various themed polling locations. 

In Telangana, the Kodangal polling station grabbed attention with its wedding-themed setup. There voters were greeted with flowers and decorations as if attending a festive event. 

The entrance was adorned with vibrant drapes, balloons, and fresh plants, creating an inviting and cheerful atmosphere. Inside, the rooms were decorated with flowers to enhance the voting experience, with volunteers distributing flowers to each voter.

Additionally, in Warangal, the Returning Officer for the Warangal Lok Sabha constituency made a surprise visit to a youth-managed polling centre in the Warangal East Assembly constituency. 

The centre, located at CKM Collegefeatured floral decorations and a selfie point at the entrance, specifically targeting younger voters.

Moreover, in Karnataka, during the second phase of the elections on April 26, a unique forest-themed polling station was set up in Kanakapura.

Named ‘Adavi’, meaning forest, this station aimed to raise awareness about forest conservation while providing voters with a natural ambience. The Kanakapura Forest Department initiated this special setup to engage voters and promote environmental consciousness.

These themed polling stations not only serve to attract more voters but also play a significant role in enhancing the electoral experience by making it more enjoyable and memorable. 

Such initiatives reflect a creative approach to civic engagement, encouraging greater participation in the democratic process. 

With voters stepping into booths that resemble scenes from weddings or walks in the forest, the election in India is witnessing an unprecedented blend of festivity and responsibility.

Image Credit: Sridhar G, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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