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Why Indians are obsessed with gold

Why Indians are obsessed with gold

Whether it is a marriage or the birth of a newborn, gifting and buying gold is considered auspicious and has been the tradition in Indian culture for a very long time. Indian women are especially very interested with gold jewelry. Many festivals encourage people to buy gold. So, why is it that Indians are so interested in gold? Here are some reasons.

It is a sign of prosperity

Having a lot of gold signifies prosperity. It means your financial condition is good enough to afford it. This makes it a reason why Indians buy gold.

Its value

This is an obvious reason. Gold has a lot of value and it is considered one of the best assets. This is why many Indian women invest in gold. Gold maintains its resale value.

It is a fetish

Having gold has become a strong fetish among Indians. Not having it can cause many people to feel different.

The tradition

Since many generations, gifting and buying gold has been a tradition. Ornaments made of gold are passed from generations and gifting gold to next generation has become one of the baser traditions.

It is a royal gift

Gold is considered the go to royal gift among Indians. This makes it a very important part in Indian culture.

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