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Indian maid wins award in Singapore

Indian maid wins award in Singapore

These days we have seen maids who barely do their duties. Most of them do not pay attention or care towards their job or employer. In such days, there are a few exceptions to maids who would do everything they can to take care of their job and employer. Easwari Shellaiah is a maid who does her job not just for money, but because she cares about helping others out.

Easwari Shellaiah, an Indian working in Singapore as a maid has received an award from a women welfare association for her dedicated service to her bed-ridden employer.

The 47 year old woman has received the award of ‘model caregiving domestic helper of the year’ from Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA).

Her employer is 53 year old Madam Kalaiselvi. Kalaiselvi suffered a stroke in 2011. Easwari helped her employee by cheering her up, carrying her from bed to wheelchair, helping her to the toilet and taking her thrice a week to AWWA Readycare Centre.

She has started working for her employer in the year 2011. She helped in almost everything like moving her from bed to wheelchair.

Easwari lost her father at the age of 12. Two years later, at a young age of 14, she started helping at one of Mother Teresa’s charities in Chennai. In the year 1986, she moved to Singapore working with a voluntary welfare organization, Swami Home.

She is paid 400 dollars a month. She will be returning to her real home and join with her younger siblings. Now she wants to stay here and take care of her mother who is suffering with a heart problem. She says that she wants to keep on giving to those around her and keep helping others. She says she finds happiness when she helps others and finds a sense of satisfaction when she makes others’ lives better.

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