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India stretches Hopes to Expatriates

India stretches Hopes to Expatriates

Many people think that India is not a good place for expatriates to live due to its heat, dirt, safety, etc. But to the astonishment, India has been positioned at nine out of 34 countries according to a survey conducted by HSBC. Switzerland remained in the first place. The survey was conducted on 9,000 expats.

The expatriates like India for travel, social life, low cost of living and the ease of raising children. They added that they had a good diet and entertainment in India. They furthermore stated that they can make local friends here and have a good social life. India is ahead of Australia, Canada and Hong Kong in providing low cost of living and thus attracts expats. The survey revealed that about two thirds of foreigners accepted India as a better place to live and work. They admitted that raising their children in India is cheaper when compared to their home countries. However, the participants expressed that India needs to improve in setting up utilities, organizing finances and providing quality of life.

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