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Why India is dirty

India is dirty because Indians are clean

Everyone knows that the streets of Indian cities are not even close to clean and hygiene. Littering and public urination are so common for us that we don’t even frown upon much. It became a part of our life and everyone sees sights of public littering almost every day. It is something that just evolved into.

One of the explanations we can give to explain why Indians are like that is: India is dirty because Indians are clean. However paradoxical it might sound, it is used as an explanation for the dirtiness of India. Most Indians generally tend keep their homes at least moderately clean. This is a good thing if it didn’t happen at the expense of making the surroundings dirty. People tend to wash their homes and then flush that water out on the roads.

The problem here is that as long as the home is clean we don’t care about what happens to the surroundings. This has become our core. We are actually proud of doing it. We would not mind if we see a huge pile of garbage as long as it out on the road.

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