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Have you heard of the child friendly court?

Have you heard of the child friendly court?

Bengaluru has set up its first child-friendly courtroom in the Karnataka High Court in the City Civil Court premises, which was finished last Saturday. It will be used to handle cases regarding sexual or violent offenses against minors.

This goes in accordance with the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (or POCSO Act), which states that the authorities must uphold the rights and dignity of children during trial, and also ensure that fast-paced procedures can occur in a non-threatening, child-sensitive atmosphere.

The main feature of this court is its two halls, which are split by a one-way glass wall, allowing the child to be separated from the accused person.

This glass barrier allows a much safer environment for children, who will no longer be able to be scared, manipulated, or harmed in any way by the accused person. Certain other facilities have been provided for children as well.

If a child refuses to depose before the court, there will be a video conference between the waiting room and the court hall. This video conference can also be used if any family members would like to watch the trial from the waiting room.

There has also been an elevator provided exclusively for judges, child victims, and the relatives of the child. Additionally, there are toys and books for children of all ages provided for them in the facility.

The department of women and child development supported the implementation of this court with ₹3,200,000, which goes under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (or ICPS).

Cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, and Hyderabad have already had child-friendly courts for some time, and this is the first in Bengaluru.

The Karnataka High Court plans to implement more child-friendly courts across the city, which will allow a safer and more protected trial experience for child victims.

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