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Is Hanuman alive today?

Is Hanuman alive today

Devotees of Lord Rama would find great interest with the question of whether Lord Hanuman is alive today. He is a symbol of strength, courage and wisdom. He is an icon of heroism. According to the legend, Hanuman is granted the boon of immortality. In fact, there are some signs that Hanuman could well indeed be alive. There are people who claim to have seen large foot prints in mountains. That brings the question “Is hanuman alive?” What are the signs of Hanumans existence in today’s world?

Hanuman’s immortality

The scriptures clearly stated that Hanuman is immortal. Even though he was born during Ramayana period, Hanuman was also present in Mahabharata.

The blessings

Hanuman was blessed to be accessible to all the devotees of Lord Rama all over the world which suggests his existence.

Foot prints

In some parts of India, giant foot prints are found and they are believed to be the prints of Lord Hanuman.


There are some sources which strongly believe that he is still residing on the hills of Gandamadana located in Rameswaram.


By carefully searching through all of Hindu scriptures, it is still impossible to find a single sentence which speaks of the death of Hanuman. This means that according to scriptures, he is still alive.

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