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Growing nuclear arsenal of Pakistan is South Asia’s biggest concern

Nuclear arsenal of Pakistan

A leading US daily, New York Times has noted that Pakistan being the world’s fastest growing nuclear arsenal is definitely the biggest concerns for South Asia. The daily has stated in its editorial that “These investments reflect the Pakistani Army’s continuing obsession with India as the enemy.” It has even cited several recent developments.

The daily has cited the plans of Pakistan to purchase eight diesel electric submarines from China which could be equipped with nuclear missiles. Pakistan are also test firing a ballistic missile which appears to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to any part of India.

“Pakistan now has an arsenal of as many as 120 nuclear weapons and is expected to triple that in a decade,” The Times said.

It is also noted by the daily that a senior advisor, Khalid Ahmed Kidway has reaffirmed the determination of Pakistan to continue with the development of short range tactical nuclear weapons the purpose of which is to use in the battlefield in a war against India.

Times has further noted the word of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India who made it clear that Pakistan can expect retaliation if Islamic militants carry out a terrorist attack in India, as happened with the 2008 bombing in Mumbai.

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