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The power of Agni V

Agni V

India’s intercontinental ballistic missile Agni V has become even more powerful. DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) has demonstrated that the missile is capable of sending a nuclear warhead to targets which are over 5,000 km away. This means that the missile has most of China in its reach.

Another great ability of the missile is that it can be launched from a truck mounted canister. Since the ballistic missiles can be transported anywhere easily, enemies will find it hard to target and destroy them easily. The missiles can be placed in canisters they can be easily transported and launched with rapidity in all weather conditions. The canisters also make it possible to have decoys. This means that even though the large missile carrying trucks are tracked by enemy spy satellites or ground units, they cannot know for sure which the real missile is. Any attempt to destroy India’s nuclear armed missiles becomes even more uncertain now.

The downside for this is that launching a missile from a canister is much more difficult especially for a missile the size of Agni V. The missile has to be ejected from the container using a gas generator before its first stage can be ignited.

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