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Google Doodle celebrates India’s Republic Day

Google Doodle celebrates India’s Republic Day

As India is celebrating its 67th Republic Day, search giant Google also joined it with its doodle of camels of BSF as a tribute. This Google doodle is not an animated one like the doodles of the past, but it is a scene directly from the Republic Day parade.

The Google doodle displays six colourfully decorated camels with bandsmen riding their back while playing music. The camels are marching in a single row gracefully. Each camel carries one alphabet of the word ‘Google’ on their golden caparison.

It is common for the search giant Google to celebrate major events of the country with doodles throughout the globe. Earlier, Google celebrated India’s Republic Day with doodles of the colourful tabloids and the daredevil bikers.

Since the starting of Republic Day, camels have been part of the Border Security Force (BSF) at the parade. Furthermore, they are used both for operating and traditional duties. They are often used by BSF personnel for patrolling along the Thar Desert running along the Indo-Pak International Border in Rajasthan.

There were reports in the past that the Republic Day parade would not have BSF camel contingent this time, but later the government decided not to break this tradition which has been continuing for 66 years.

Last year American President Barack Obama was the chief guest at the Republic Day parade. This time, France President Francois Hollande is the chief guest. The iconic parade runs from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate under a profuse security. Paramilitary personnel and Delhi Police have been organized to make sure the celebrations go in a peaceful manner without any trouble.

India, the largest democracy of the world celebrates its Republic Day to mark the efforts of constitutional makers. A grand parade is organized in the national capital, Delhi to celebrate the historic day when the longest constitution in the world was enacted.

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