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Foods to avoid during the Shravan Month

Foods to avoid during the Shravan Month

The Shravan Month is a holy dedication of Hindus to the destroyer god, Lord Shiva. Every Monday of this month is called a Shivratri, where one must perform an abhishek.

Since “shravan” is said to mean “hear”, the entire purpose of this month is to listen to spiritual talks and sermons and absorb the knowledge given from them.

This month-long celebration supposedly came about because of a legend that happened centuries ago at this time of the year.

A sage named Mrikandu and his wife, Marudmati, asked Shiva for a child. However, Shiva told them that he would give them two options: to have a child with great intelligence and a short life, or a child with low intelligence and a long life.

The couple chose the former, and bore a son named Markandeya. Markandeya grew up to become a wise devotee of Lord Shiva. However, things took a turn for the worse when the Yamdoots decided to hunt him down.

After thirty days of failed attempts to kill him, Lord Yama himself came to do the job. However, when he accidentally tied his noose around the Shivlinga that Markandeya would use to pray to Shiva, the destroyer god came down and severely punished Yama for this deed.

Therefore, at this time each year, Shiva rewards and listens to those who devote and surrender themselves to him.

Due to its spiritual importance, Shravan requires certain dietary sacrifices in order to perform this month-long ritual correctly. The most obvious foods from which to abstain are meat and alcohol, but there are three other foods to avoid during this time which are less obvious.

The first is brinjal, which is inclined to bother sullying at this time of the year more than in other seasons. Dairy products must also be avoided around this time, since they create an imbalance of the Vatta dosha.

Use these products as an offering to Lord Shiva instead. Lastly, keep away from green leafy vegetables during this month, since they boost the body’s content of bile, and thus, also increase the Vatta dosha.

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