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Empowerment to Rural India by Hundies

Empowerment to Rural India by Hundies

Rural Development Trust (RDT) was established by Father Vincent Ferrer of Spain in Anathapuram of Andhra Pradesh in 1969 with an aim to uplift the lives of rural people and underprivileged sections.

RDT is a non-governmental organization and has been implementing various programs in 3152 villages in 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh. The main areas covered by RDT include health, education, community health and habitat, women, ecology and community based rehabilitation.

RDT setup Resource Mobilization Centre in Mumbai in 2012 to mobilize the resources for the poor and people who are in need to improve their lives. In this regard, ‘India for India’ was initiated in which contributions from people were collected in Hundies. Anyone in the villages can contribute any amount to the program into the Hundies established in the village. A Total of 4,381 target families in 1470 villages contributed Rs. 80,08,138 to these Hundies by April, 2013. Staff of RDT contributed around Rs. 7.5 lakhs. The money is saved in the bank account and is wished to be spent on the education of orphan children.

It is not just stopped with this. The contribution to Hundies is constantly going on in the villages and the association of families in this program has also been increasing. Some people are donating directly to the Trust to join their hands. Thus, they are moving their feet towards the empowerment of their villages.

Photo by Sarthak Kwatra on Unsplash(Free for Commercial Use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/oxXAKWz2qK0

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