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Diwali without Crackers in some Districts of Tamil Nadu

Diwali without Crackers in some Districts of Tamil Nadu

Have you have ever thought of celebrating Diwali without crackers? Do you think it is possible for entire villages to stay away from bursting fireworks?

Though some youth in India at present consider not bursting of crackers due to environment pollution and sound pollution, majority of Indians still believe Diwali celebrations will not be complete without bursting crackers. Most people don’t even care about their neighbours who suffer the sound pollution, allergies and respiratory problems due to bursting of fireworks.

But around 10 villages in Salem and Erode districts of Tamil Nadu celebrate their Diwali without crackers. There are several bats hanging on the branches of a huge banyan tree and the villagers consider them as ‘honourable guests’ as bats never caused any harm to the villagers and in return they want them to be keep safe and peaceful. They have been doing this for several years.

There are eight villages around the Vellode Birds Sanctuary who do not burst fireworks to save the birds migrating from other counties such as Australia and New Zealand. The villagers don’t want to frighten the migratory birds and keep them peaceful. Hence bursting crackers has been stopped for more than 15 years in these villages. Rather the villagers visit the sanctuary on Diwali and feed them.

Photo by Vishwas Bangar on Unsplash (Free for Commercial Use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/Ru1rYmxNEVg

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