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Cyclone in Andaman: 1900 tourists trapped

Cyclone in Andaman: 1900 tourists trapped

The beautiful Andaman Islands have been experiencing ugly weather.

The cyclones caused heavy flooding the islands. As many 1900 tourists have been stranded there. Disaster management operations have already started.

Indian Air Force sent their first rescue shuttle and the have rescued 17 people so far.

The Indian Coast Guard has also joined the efforts and sped up the process.

They have started operations at Havelock Islands and rescued 85 tourists from there.

120 more tourists have been rescued by two coast guard ships as well.

The total number of rescued tourists so far is 222.


There are approximately 1700 tourists still trapped at the islands.

They are facing several cyclonic storms. Due to the strong storms and winds, many ships from the Navy and coast guard could not reach there to providing assistance. Due to the circumstances, the rescue operations were be stalled. The ships had to wait at Port Blair midway during earlier rescue attempts.

This did not stop them for a long time. The Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard together made new attempts for rescuing people. The operations became a bit easier as the weather reduced its intensity a bit.

Fortunately, there was no loss of life and all 1900 tourists are accounted for and safe. The cyclones affected the Havelock and Neil islands the most. These are the biggest tourist attractions which resulted in many number of tourists getting stuck.

Jagdish Mukhi Lieutenant General of Andaman and Nicobar confirmed that there has been no loss of life and property. The public were asked to stay at safe areas. Officials are expecting that the weather would be in better condition soon.

The officials even instructed hotels to not charge extra from the tourists for staying and food. The plan is to slowly move the tourists to Port Blair as flights are fully operational there.

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